Silence has never sat with me right. If horror movies have taught me anything, silence usually means there’s some ominous force looming around the corner. It keeps us on our toes and forces us to be prepared for the worst.

It’s also in the quiet moments where we rehearse fights we know will never take place, or create scenarios of what ifs. All the potentials exist in a blank sea of possibilities.

What is it about these voids that fill us with eerie suspense and make us contemplate life’s greatest mysteries?

Maybe it’s one of those existential things where your life could take you down different paths if you chose what’s behind door number one, or door number two.

What if you could see all the possible ways your life turned out? Like all of the things we imagine in the silence were actual flashes of paths we took in past lives, or somehow were parallel lives in parallel universes?

Just some food for thought for your next moment of silence.

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