Your significant other, better half, other half or whatever other term you use to describe your boyfriend or girlfriend is your teammate and partner. They shouldn’t complete you, they should compliment you. While they play a major role in your life, you should be able to consider yourself a complete person with or without them.

My partner is my teammate. We aren’t the sort of couple that keeps score on who’s doing more or the most “things” in the relationship because we’re always doing things to help the other person out. And sometimes it’s the little things, but it’s always the littlest things that mean the most, isn’t it?

When couples have joint accounts for everything, this is where the partner/teammate thing really kicks in. One person isn’t out racking up bills, bills, bills, while the other person is eating ketchup sandwiches for dinner. You’re conscious of your spending and daily habits because it not only affects you, it affects the one you love too.

Now, when I say teammate, I’m not saying you’re competing with each other to see who can out do the other person. It’s more of each person has the things they’re good at, or better at, and you’ve got your things too. So if you’re not good at balancing the checkbook, and your partner is, the wheel keeps spinning.

A healthy competition is perfect and the daily dose of jerk sauce is rather refreshing because in the end your “Ride or Die” will always back you up.

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