I’ve always seen myself as someone with a great sense for adventure and the unknown. When I was in my teens I’d be the first person in line for a roller coaster, with my arms wildly hanging outside the cart, or a superman attraction that would pull you up in the sky, then drop you unannounced, to soar through the air. I recall all of the dicey, risky situations I was in when I was in my teens, throwing caution to the wind, and wonder “why wasn’t I afraid?”

I definitely still have this thirst for adventure, but with age, comes a new perspective on what you’re willing or not willing to do for a thrill. I remember a few years back, going to some amusement park for a birthday. I hadn’t been to an amusement park in what felt like ages, so I was excited. I think over the course of 8 hours, I went on 4 rides. Waiting in line for two hours for a ride that would last less than two minutes was what the day consisted of; and it made me wonder if the lines were always this long, or if it was my patience that grew shorter? Couple that with whiny children and not being able to wear my glasses while I waited, I cast out amusement parks on the list of things I’d be willing to do for a thrill.

Now that I’m nearly pushing thirty, I take some greater factors into consideration before I say “yes” to a new situation:

  1. Could I die?
  2. How long do I have to wait?
  3. Is this worth the wait?
  4. Can I wear my glasses?
  5. Will there be wine there?
  6. If I say no, how loudly will I feel the sense of regret?

With age, my tastes have definitely changed. Still love watching a horror movie with all the lights off — (that will never change), but do I still check under beds and behind curtains before turning in for the night? Oh hell yes — because you never know!

I also love visiting new places — travelling really is the best education for someone with an adventure spirit. Flying and my level of anxiety have always been at odds with each other, and I imagine that will not change very much as I get older. Nevertheless, I’ll suck it up, and cling to my seat during takeoff, always keeping in mind, I’m heading for adventure.