Whenever I need to make an important decision, I’m either 100% sure, and nothing is going to change my mind, or I’m somewhere in the middle. For those times, I look to friends and family for advice. I get a chance to see things through their eyes, which helps me see the bigger picture, and make a more thoughtful decision.

You should only hear their advice and follow your own path; never do what someone else wants you to. You’re the one who has to live with yourself and your decisions, so it seems only fitting that you be your own person.

I have a hard time with people who want to emulate others, or who strive to be exactly like someone. It’s a good idea to have role models, and seek inspiration in people for qualities you strive to have, but molding your life to be like someone else’s is just stupid. We are all beautifully strange in our own ways, filled with flaws and quirks that make us unique. We should embrace the differences and celebrate that we are diverse, which makes us all as a whole so beautiful.

Use others to motivate or inspire you to become the best person you can be. Don’t let someone else change you.

Use others to help you see the positive aspects of who you are, if you’re feeling self conscious or embarrassed.

Be confident and positive and change for the best.